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What Does This Plugin Do?

Dynamic Gallery can help you automatically create a gallery that matches a keyword or date entered by the user! You can also display information based on today’s date!

Level of Difficulty: Medium

Compatibility: ManyChat

Plugin Request URL

All plugin request URL are included in the template.

Step 1. Download & Install the Template

To setup a Dynamic Gallery, we strongly recommend that you use one of our Templates:

  • Premium Templates – these template are only available to members on the Annual Pro and Annual Business plans.
  • Express Template – All members have access to the express templates.

We’ll eventually build a page where you can view all available templates, but for now, you’ll need to contact us for the template links and checklists.

All templates also comes with a prebuilt Airtable base with sample data.

Step 2. Create Dynamic Gallery in CodelessBot

Login to the CodelessBot and create a new Dynamic Gallery.

  1. Login to the Member Portal
  2. On the left-hand sidebar, click on “Dynamic Gallery”
  3. Click on the blue button “+ Dynamic Gallery” up in the top right
  4. Enter a name for this Dynamic Gallery and select your Bot platform
  5. Select an Express or Premium Template* from the dropdown
  6. Enter your Airtable API Key, Base ID and Table Name
  7. Click on the “test connection” button (make sure that you get a success message)
  8. Then click on save


*Note: Premium Templates are only available to members on the Annual Pro and Annual Business Plan.

Step 3. Setup Search Conditions & Gallery Settings

  1. Create up to 10 search conditions – Any records matching your conditions will be used to generate your gallery card!
  2. Customize your gallery card – Just enter the Airtable fields containing the details for your card (eg. card title, image, button…etc). CodelessBot will pull this information from Airtable to create your gallery cards!
  3. Customize your the sort order

Note: If you have more than 10 matching results, you can also turn on pagination to display up to 3 galleries of results! You can find more details in the FAQ section.

4. Use wizard to generate code

Click on the wizard tab in CodelessBot and follow the setup instructions. You’ll need to copy and paste the code into your Bot.

If you’re using ManyChat, you’ll also need to replace any placeholders with the correct variable (e.g. custom fields)

Additional Useful Custom Fields

Feel free to use the following custom fields to build additional (optional) conditions for your bot:


True if there are no matching results

More Detail

If “true”, then there are no matching results and no gallery was sent to the user.

Recommendation: If “true”, then send users a custom message and ask if they would like to view the gallery again with different search criteria!


True if there are more matching results that cannot be displayed in the gallery

More Detail

If “true”, then there more matching results available but it cannot be displayed since the user already viewed 3 galleries of matching results.

Recommendation: If “true”, then send users a custom message with a button link to your website where they can see more results!

More Information


1. What's the pricing for Dynamic Gallery?

Dynamic Gallery is a CodelessBot Plugin. When you subscribe to a CodelessBot plan will receive a certain number of interactions each month. Every time a user generates a dynamic gallery, it will cost you 1 interactions. For more details on the number of interactions for each plan, visit our pricing page.

2. Do you support date-based search?

Yes! You can perform searches based on the current date and time in a specific timezone.

3. How many Dynamic Galleries can I setup?

The max number of Dynamic Gallery you can setup will depend on your plan:
CodelessBot Plan Dynamic Gallery
Starter 10
Basic 20
Pro 50
Business 100


4. How long does it take to setup?

Installation is really simple and should only take you 5-10 minutes – especially if you use our Premium or Express Templates! Just select the template from the dropdown and all the settings will automatically be populated for you.

The task that will take the longest to complete is for you to enter your information into Airtable. It can take 5 minutes…or 30 minutes! It just depends on how much information you have.

5. What is Airtable?

Airtable is similar to Google Sheets. It does have a free plan and it’s a much better solution to help you manage and enter information compared to Google Sheets.

It also has a free app! In fact, if you’re an agency, you can let users manage the bot’s information using the user-friendly Airtable app instead of giving them access to ManyChat!

6. Is it hard to setup? Do I need to code anything?

Nope! The Dynamic Gallery plugin was designed for non-techies in mind.

You’ll need to spend about 10 minutes to set it up.

No coding. No frustration. Dynamic Gallery is meant to save you tons time.

7. Can I install the Dynamic Gallery plugin on multiple bots?

You are allowed to install the Dynamic Gallery plugin on any bots that you own or manage on an ongoing basis for a client. Also keep in mind that you can only create a limited number of Dynamic Gallery.

Visit our Terms & Conditions for more details.

8. What's the minimum requirements?

You’ll need to have:

9. Does this plugin support pagination?

You can display up to 3 galleries with matching results. To do this, we recommend that you download the Express Template – Start from Scratch (with Pagination Advanced) and customize it. You’ll also need to:

  1. Turn on pagination in the “Sort & Pagination” tab
  2. Double check that you entered the correct flow ID for the Pagination Settings (otherwise, pagination will NOT work)
  3. Customize the your pagination gallery card (eg. Title, Subtitle, Image & button title)

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