Identify Sticker & Like - CodelessBot

What Does This Plugin Do?

Checks if the user sent a “blue like” or Meep sticker so that you can train your bot to send back an appropriate reply. This plugin will also recognize all 3 “blue like” sizes as well as the emoji thumbs up 👍in all the different skin tones.

Level of Difficulty: Easy

Compatibility: Chatfuel

Plugin Request URL
  • Chatfuel:{{cbot_accesskey}}&secretkey={{cbot_secretkey}}

How-To Setup the Plugin

Follow the 3 Simple Steps...or Login to CodelessBot to access the Plugin Wizard!

Step 1. Download & Install the Quick-Start Plugin Template

Login to CodelessBot, navigate to Templates on the sidebar and download the Quick-Start Template. Follow the prompt to install the Template. Next, you'll need to create a copy of the template for this specific plugin. See and follow the instructions below.

(If you've already install the Quick Start Template and created a copy of the plugin template - skip this step!

Chatfuel Instructions

a. From your Chatfuel dashboard, open the new bot called "JSON API Tutorial & CodelessBot Template" 

b. Find the group containing the name of this plugin.

c. Click on the arrow next to the plugin name to clone this group and blocks from the template into your own Chatfuel Bot.

d. Navigate back to the Chatfuel Dashboard

e. Open your Bot and find the new plugin group that you just cloned. 

f. Open the new Plugin block and enter in your CodelessBot access key and secret key.

Tip: Rename the plugin block to something more meaningful. For more details, refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Step 2. Send information to CodelessBot

To quickly do this, use the Plugin Wizard to answer a few questions. It'll then generate the code with the information below for you to copy and paste into your bot.


Containing the message submitted by the user

Chatfuel Instructions
  1. In this plugin block, scroll down to the "JSON API" card
  2. Copy and paste the code from the Plugin Wizard into the textbox. (Or you can enter the correct value by referring to the descriptions above.)

Tip: Make sure the "Send as" is set to JSON. Not URL encoded or Full JSON Profile.

Step 3. CodelessBot will reply with the "answer"

CodelessBot will reply back with the following information:


A text describing whether the attribute is the Meep sticker or a blue like. For full details, download this PDF.

Chatfuel Instructions

After the JSON API card, you can add additional Chatfuel cards to:

  1. Send a message to the user with the result
  2. Add a new card "Go To Block" with a condition to redirect users to a different blocks depending on the result

Note: These are just some ideas. You are not limited by the 2 ideas above.

More Information


1. Does this plugin support all stickers?

No. This plugin only supports the like button (all 3 sizes), the like emoji and the popular Meep Sticker collection.

2. What happens if a user send a sticker that isn't part of the Meep collection?

CodelessBot will send back cbot_rsp with the value “unknown”.

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