CodelessBot Lab - CodelessBot

What’s Included?

Done-For-You Premium Templates

Just follow the instructions to “fill-in-the-blanks” and customize the template!

Bot Workshops

Get hands-on experience with CodelessBot and building an interactive bot experience with our guided workshops.

Quick Videos

Bite-sized video tutorials to provide you with a quick answer, idea, or strategy.

New Content & Updates

Whenever we update or add new content to the lab, you’ll automatically get access!

What Premium Templates are included?

Business & Holiday Hours Template

Train your bot to “read time” and let visitors know whether you’re currently around to answer their questions…or whether your store is currently closed!

(Available Now)

Expiring Personalized Coupon

Send a unique personalized coupon with an expiring date based on today’s date. You can also ask if they want to send a personalized coupon or invitation to their friends!

(Available Now)

Product Recommendation Template

Help your customers find the best product for them by asking visitors a few questions, analyzing the results, send back the products or services that would be the best fit!

(Coming Soon in Early-December)

Dynamic Product & Event Gallery

Dynamically create a gallery with 10 cards that matches a keyword or date entered by the user! You can also allow your clients to manage gallery content without login into ManyChat!

(Coming Soon in Mid-December)

Webinar Helper

Let your subscribers to browse, register and automatically receive reminders for an upcoming webinar. All without requiring any repetitive manual setup from you!

(Coming Soon)

Quiz & Certificate Template

Ask random questions from a small bank of 10 to 15 questions. Then, send a personalized certificate with their score or ask them to challenge their friends to beat their score!

(Coming Soon)

Lead Qualification & Meeting Booking

Have new leads to answer a few questions. If they are a good fit, allow them to book a meeting directly in Messenger. Meeting reminders will also be sent out automatically.

(Coming Soon)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens with my access to the CodelessBot Lab if cancel my Pro Plan?

The CodelessBot Lab is a bonus that’s included in the Pro Annual Plan. If you downgrade your plan or cancel, you will lose access.

What's your refund policy?

Due to your ability to clone templates, this purchase of the CodelessBot Lab is non-refundable.

How often is new content added to the CodelessBot Lab?

Typically 1-2 new pieces of content or template is added every month.

Quick-Start Template vs Premium Templates - what's the difference?

The Quick-Start Template is designed to help you quickly install our CodelessBot plugins. All you need to do is download a copy of the template to your bot, activate the plugin with our Access Keys and send CodelessBot any necessary information. For example, you can use the Time Plugin, enter in the timezone and CodelessBot will reply with the current time! You’ll then need to build your own logic based on the time.

The Premium Templates are pre-built solutions that leverage CodelessBot Plugins and are designed for very specific use-case. Think of them as “done-for-you” solutions. For example, we offer a Business Hour Flow Template that uses our Time Plugin. All you need to do is set the open and closed time.

What's included in the Pro Annual Plan?

For more details about the Pro Annual Plan, click here.


Sign up for the Pro Plan and you’ll get an All-Access Pass to the CodelessBot Lab!